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K9 Overnight Camp 

Booking a trip and want your pet to have a fantastic time too while you are away?


Your pet can have an awesome stay on our 18 acre family farm. We are your all inclusive Hudson Valley Doggie Retreat! We are open year-round and we provide a safe and fun place for your dog to stay. We have fenced play yards for group play sessions with other dogs for a complete fun filled day of supervised off-leash enjoyment! We are a family owned and operated faclilty and only a limited handful of lucky dogs stay with us.


Overnight campers stay busy with camp activities during the day and go to their rooms during meal time, afternoon nap time and bedtime overnight. Siblings can share a cabin to make it more like home but we will always reserve a room per dog so we can feed separately. Free run play time, private rooms and plenty of canine and human contact helps your pup sleep soundly with us while you are away.


The physical and mental health of your dog is our top priority! Soft music plays continuously throughout the house all day. All to ensuring that your dog has a pleasurable, stress free and FUN stay. We do require daily naps between play sessions to maintain a well-balanced, healthy dog. Our goal is to provide our fur guests with adequate rest as well as ample play and exercise. We also provide a Sleeping cot with a fluffy bed, you are more than welcome to send your pup with his favoret toy and/or bone. What more could a dog ask for? 


Indoor Boarding Facility

Every Dog gets their own room that is 4 foot by 6 foot in size. They also have a sleeping cot to sleep up off the ground. You can bring your dogs favorite blanket and toys. 


Play & Stay Boarding


Your pup will be paired with other dogs for off leash play in our large play yards thoughout the day. We have summertime pool time and for winter we have indoor play time as well! 


specialty add on's 


Private Nature Walk Hiking's on the property, Extra one on one Cuddle times, Night time Busy Bones (Frozen Kong filled treat with peanut butter and cookies) and bath services.


  • All cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance to avoid charges (1/2 the total stay).

  • For holiday periods cancellations must be made 7 days in advance (full stay to be charged for late cancellation).

  • Your dog must be current on all vaccinations.

Vaccines we require are


Distemper (DHP)
Bordetella (Infectious Tracheobronchitis) aka, "Kennel Cough"
Canine Influenza


 We are currently taking in new customers for boarding.
Please call the office to set up your See Facility and Pet interview Today!

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