Dog Agility is a popular canine sport in which a handler directs a dog through a variety of obstacles such as a tunnels, teeter-totter, tire jump, weave poles, pause table, and standard jumps. Dog Agility consists of guiding dogs correctly and rapidly through a series of obstacles under the guidance of their handlers and is one of the fastest growing dog sports in the United States. Fun for participants and spectators! Dog agility classes strengthen the bond between you and your dog, teach teamwork and is a great way for you and your dog to have a blast!

Agility Group Classes

Foundation Classes

The Foundation classes is where you would start if you have never done agility before. Each class focus on a different type of agility equipment the focus of these foundation classes is to teach your dog the skill they need to do to perform the equipment correctly. You will need to complete one of each class to continue on to the next level of classes, which is Handling. These 8 week courses are $200.00, make up opportunities are available if you have to miss a class. Contact us for more details.

Jumps & Tunnels  (4wks class) 

In this class we will be working on the skills your dog will need to learn about tunnels and jumping only. We will also focus a little on teaching the basic of flat work handing. The main focus of this class will be on jumping style and techniques. 

Contacts  (6wks class)

We will discus different ways to handle your dogs contact performance and find what will be best for you and your dog. We will then teach your dogs to perform each contact equipment correctly including the table performance as well.


Weave Poles  (6wks class) 

This class will show you different techniques to teaching the weave poles. At the end of this course your dog will know how to weave 12 poles. 



Week of March 16, 2019


6:00pm -  Jumps & Tunnle Foundations


10:00am - Advanced Course Work 

6:00pm - Master Course Work 


6:00pm - Jumps & Tunnle Foundations 


5:00pm - Starter Course Work

6:00pm - Master Course Work

7:00pm - Advanced Course Work


6:00pm - Basic Handling Class 

7:00pm - 

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Handling Classes

Once your dog knows how to preform all the agility equipment now we focus on teaching you the handler techniques and skills you need to know about moving you dog thought a sequence or course. Each class is 4 weeks long for $100 per course. You will need to complete each one from Basic to Master before moving on to Course Work classes which will be your final step.  

Basic Skills  (4wks class) 

In is course you will be learning the basic skills on how to preform each handling technique and how and where to apply it.


Advanced Skills (4wks class) 

This next class will be teaching you more advanced handling maneuvers. we will 


Master Skills  (4wks class) - This class is an optional class where you can take after the advanced class or complete later on. In this class we will be working on some advance international handling skills.   

Course Work Classes

Course work classes is your final step and these class are on going meaning there is no start or end date. This will be your constant continues learning atmosphere.   

Starter Course Work - This class is will be working on putting together multiple handling skills together. You could have anywhere from 5-10 obstacle at one time. We will also take the time to talk and discus different handling options and why.    

Advanced Course Work - We will have full Novice/Starter courses set up for you and your dog to run. You will be practicing your basic handling skills along with some more advanced handling challenges. Courses can be anywhere from 15-20 obstacles. 

Master Course Work - We will have full courses set up for you and your dog to run. You will have all the handling skills and challenges to practice. No worries, we will help you with any skill that might have been forgotten over time. Courses can be anywhere form 20-30 obstacles. 

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Private Lessons

Customized one-on-one lessons with our experienced trainers can be conducted either in your home or at our training facility. Private lessons can be booked for 30 mintues or 60 minutes long. Private lessons provide the opportunity for you to get expert advice and training specific to your needs. This means we move at your pace and target skill and behaviors that are important to you and your dog.

Ring Rental

Don't have the equipment at home, need to focus on something specific, or just need to run a course and train? You can rent our Agility Field or Indoor Training Hall with all the highest quality agility equipment. Call or email us to set up your training time!

The ring rental fee is $30 per hour. We will be enforcing a one hour minimum to rent and then after that it can be rented in 30 min increments for $15. (ie: 1.5hrs $45 or 2.5hrs $75)


Multiple people are allowed to share a rental time. The maximum people under a regular rental fee is 3 people and more that that is $10 per additional person per hour. If you would like to use our facility for teaching, you must have owners approval first. 

Moving Equipment if their is a course set up please do not move the equipment and if you need to move equipment please return the set up the way it was before you leave.  

More Information About Dog Agility:

In the United States, agility organizations hold competitions where dog and handler teams compete to earn titles. If you’d like to find out more about dog agility competitions and resources, check out the following organizations:

AKC (American Kennel Club)
USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association) 

UKI (UK Agility International)

NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council)

CPE (Canine Performance Events)