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Our Facility and Rentals

We have an indoor training hall that is 30x50 with heat and air condition. The training room is fully matted with a special rubber matting that is made for dogs. This matting has ample cushion for dogs that would be jumping on it. We have full size wall mirrors that are locatted along two walls, this is great for obedience training. In our indoor training hall we offer a supply of equipment for your training needs. For agility we have mutiple wing and wingless jumps, Weave poles, Teeter/Aframe (gets rotated) and Tunnels. Do you do AKC obedience? No problem, we have you covered with regulation size Jumps. (Broad, Bar and High Jumps)


We Rent out this Training Hall with all the equipment mentioned above. The ring rental fee is $30 per hour. We will be enforcing a one hour minimum to rent and then after that it can be rented in 30 min increments for $15. (ie: 1.5hrs $45 or 2.5hrs $75)


Multiple people are allowed to share a rental time. The maximum people under a regular rental fee is 3 people and more that that is $10 per additional person per hour. If you would like to use our facility for teaching, you must have owners approval first. 

Moving Equipment if their is a course set up please do not move the equipment and if you need to move equipment please return the set up the way it was before you leave.  

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