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TJ & Samantha are expecting their baby boy in early July 2024.

K9 Team Training will be closed from July 3rd to September 2, 2024 for all services.  


We are currently still taking in new customers for boarding until June 1st! We have stopped taking in new training customers as this time but will restart training about Mid-September or October.

Dog Training


Do you struggle to get your dog to listen to you, especially when there are distractions around?

Are you tired of your dog being out of control and wish they would stop doing some of the things you don't want them to do, like jumping, chewing, pulling on the leash, barking, or just not listening all the time?

Are you frustrated with other dog training methods and teachings that DID NOT reach your goals or even come close to solving your issuse?


What We Can Do for You!


Imagine... your dog LISTENING to you all the time and having CONTROL over them with any distractions around, even when guests coming over.


Imagine your dog walking on a leash nicely and who comes every time you call them, not jumping on people, barking insanely or chewing on your furniture.


We are devoted to helping you have a happy and an enjoyable relationship with your dog. Helping you reach those goals and getting them under control without a treat or a leash, around distractions.

Take a look at our
 Training Camps


The K9 Resort
Enjoy your vacation and leave your dog safely with us on their vacation.



is a fun and interactive sport you can do
with your dog!
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